Roof Cleaning Process

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At Squeeky Clean, we provide comprehensive roof cleaning services tailored to the unique needs of properties in Dublin, Wicklow, and surrounding regions. Our expert team uses advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to ensure your roof remains clean and durable.

Roof Clearer

Our Roof Cleaning Process:


Moss Removal

The process starts with removing moss from the roof surface using specialized scrapers and brushes. Gutters are safeguarded and dislodged moss is collected efficiently. For thicker layers, compressed air helps speed up the removal.


Lichen Treatment

Lichen requires a more delicate approach. We use ACP biocide to saturate and dry out the lichen, allowing for gradual and natural removal.


Thallus Elimination

Smaller moss incrustations and thalli dry out and fall away after treatment. Within about three months, the dark overlay fades, revealing a refreshed roof.


Surface Saturation

ACP biocide is applied at calibrated rates to ensure effective saturation, disrupting the growth of moss and algae.

Roof Cleaning

Specialized Techniques for Different Roof Types:

  • Concrete Tile Roof Cleaning:
    Our combination of brushing and biocide application removes contaminants without damaging the tiles.
  • Clay Tile Roof Cleaning:
    Low-pressure washing and biocide treatments restore clay tiles without harming their appearance.
  • Natural Slate Roof Cleaning:
    Gentle brushing and precise biocide application ensure thorough cleaning while protecting the slate.
  • Thatch Roof Cleaning:
    Using techniques endorsed by the Society of Master Thatchers, we carefully eliminate unwanted growth while preserving the thatch.

What to Expect After Your Roof is Cleaned

Immediate Results

The removal of moss and algae reveals a cleaner, brighter surface.

Gradual Thallus and Lichen Reduction

Thalli and lichen dry out and naturally fall away over several weeks to months.

Prolonged Roof Longevity

Our eco-friendly cleaning process extends your roof’s lifespan.

Improved Drainage

Gutters and downspouts remain free from debris, improving drainage.

Enhanced Property Value

A clean, well-maintained roof boosts curb appeal.

Comprehensive Package Benefits

Enjoy clean windows and debris-free gutters with every package.

Future Maintenance Recommendations

Our team provides expert advice to maintain your roof long-term.

Roof Cleaning Packages

Starting at €795, packages vary based on house size.

Each package includes gutter and window cleaning, offering comprehensive exterior maintenance.
For advanced solutions, we also offer the Algoclear Pro Cleaning Process.

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